My Garden

This year my garden is amazing! It is very satisfying to see several years of work come together.  My garden helps me to see and appreciate the small things I wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.  Gardening is reflected in much of my artwork.


Last week in the New York Times , I read an article by Gretchen Reynolds titled Piece of Nature, Peace of Mind.  Scientists are studying whether urban dwellers’ mental health could be improved by taking a walk in a park or natural green area. The answer is ‘probably’.

I have noticed that in suburbia even though we are surrounded by nature we often don’t get a chance to experience it. We stay inside in our offices or houses. If you have some land, gardening is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature. It is also a way to share your aesthetics with the public if they happen to walk or drive by.


I have taken many photos of my garden this spring and summer. Let the images speak for themselves.