Coexistence, Conflict & Faith

 Artistic Visions of Jerusalem, a class based on the themes of the exhibition, Jerusalem 1,000-1400: Every People Under Heaven, will be taught by Beth Heit & Rabbi Warmflash. We will be discussing three works of art that illuminate the concepts of faith, conflict and coexistence.

The bronze lentil pot (see above) from 11th century Israel, highlights the theme of coexistence. In the Middle Ages, pilgrims of all faiths when in the city of Hebron to visit the Cave of the Patriarchs were treated to a dish of lentils, raisins and olive oil that was prepared by the Muslim keepers of the site.



balloon float away.jpeg

Artwork on the West Bank Barrier by the British graffiti artist Banksy is a comment on conflict.

Gateway by Beth Heit

Gateway by Beth Heit

I created Gateway, a ceramic wall relief after spending a six-month sabbatical in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a city of many entranceways, both physical and spiritual.